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A crew of
node runners

NoGood is a fictional crew of street kids, super coders and rebel engineers united by their obsession with electronics.

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By upgrading old tech and hacking everything that contains a microchip the crew is slowly creating a digital network far removed from legacy infrastructure.

Connect to NoGoodNode

NoGoodNode routes all the crews traffic and keeps their data secure from privy eyes.

Like minded node runners can open a Lightning channel ⚡️ by scanning the QR code, or find more info at

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Support NoGood by shopping a selection of limited edition art prints and digital goodies. Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments only.

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Collab with

The network is expanding and so far the crew has joined forces with BitBox, Coinkite, Citadel21, Voltage and Satoshi Radio.

Looking to collab on a bitcoin project? Get in touch!