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NoGood is an illustrated crew of tech-savvy kids united by their obsession with electronics.

sovereign electronics

Build from scrap parts and whatever hardware they can get their hands on, the crews self-made devices create novel networks independent from legacy infrastructure.

Zero Trust

Sidestepping eagle-eyed data surveillance and digital censorship as they take back control of their online privacy.

Move slow

The crew keeps building though progress is slow and their inventions stay mostly unnoticed as they hack together a better tomorrow.

The crews most remarkable invention

A compact but powerful piece of hardware. NoGoodNode routes all the crews payments and keeps their data secure from prying eyes. Experienced node runners can connect and open a Lightning channel.


The crew's always on the lookout for like minded node runners and bitcoin brands. Have a project in mind? Get in touch!

keep the lights on

Checkout the crowdfunding campaign on Geyser. Rewards available!

Expand the NoGood universe

The world needs more NoGood sticker packs, prints, shirts, hoodies, beanies and caps. 

Keep NoGood bitcoin-only

No shitcoins. No NFTs. NoGood is bitcoin-only. Lets try and keep it that way.

Develop NoGood Radio

Keep the radio on air! Even better, let's integrate NOSTR and Zaps into NoGood Radio.